Intelligent transformation tools as project accelerator

      Intelligent transformation tools as project accelerator

      Following several acquisitions, NRG Energy wanted to ensure that its National Retail Platform would be able to provide a robust, stable foundation that could handle the additional customers who had come on board. That is why NRG decided to transition its existing National Retail Platform (NRP) from Oracle database to Suite on HANA (SoH) database. At the same time NRG needed to streamline its SAP ISU database, which had grown to almost 28TB following the various acquisitions and was impacting system performance across the business. The biggest challenge: achieve all of these goals while keeping downtime as low as possible.

      Step by step to a smooth migration

      In order to resolve the issue with time constraints for the migration process, NRG Energy’s long-time consulting and solution provider, Utegration, referred NRG to Natuvion with its intelligent transformation tool Natuvion DCS. Once NRG Energy became aware of the performance of Natuvion DCS, it approved an 18-hour downtime window for Natuvion to complete the analysis and migration.

      Read our success story to learn how the Near Zero Downtime approach looked like and how Natuvion finished the migration even 5 hours earlier than expected.


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