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      Data Quality Management:
      Where to start?

      Data Quality Management:
      Where to start?

      In the same way that building a house with defective materials will affect its stability in both the short and long term, low-quality or erroneous data affects every activity in an enterprise. Many of today’s companies are almost entirely data-driven, so ensuring the best possible quality of their data will be a major contributor to their performance.

      How to ensure optimal data management throughout the enterprise

      It can be difficult for companies to know where to start on their data quality management (DQM) journey if they’ve been running multiple, heterogeneous systems for a long time. With Master Data Governance (MDG) SAP provides a solution which Natuvion complements with deep-dive, expert consulting, services and tools.

      In this white paper we detail this complete solution and show you ways how you are able to master your DQM journey.


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