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      Energie SaarLorLux successfully reintegrates its supply-side energy management

      Energie SaarLorLux successfully reintegrates its supply-side energy management

      The energy sector is well known for its dynamics in terms of the market situation as it demands flexibility and agility from energy suppliers to quickly adapt. These companies have to act under tremendous time constraints. Transitioning all supplier processes back in-house and right on time added even more stress to the EDM team at Energie SaarLorLux.

      Accelerated processes and a qualified EDM team

      At Energie SaarLorLux the tasks of energy management from the supply side had been outsourced, including the administration of load profile data, regulated market rules, and parts of the market communication. With the service contract coming to an end, the intention was for the situation to change. The goal: integration of external processes into the internal SAP IS-U solution, and introduction of SAP EDM to implement all supplier market processes. Natuvion should play a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious goal.

      To learn how Natuvion ensured a seamless and on time transition of the market processes, while establishing an internal EDM department at Energie SaarLorLux, read our success story.


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