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      What is in my systems?

      Natuvion creates the perfect basis for your transformation

      Every transformation of IT systems requires solid preparation. A crucial point is to take the inventory. What is in my systems? Where and how much? In which quality? What is still used and what is not? Are there any inconsistencies, and where?

      Recent surveys have shown that 60% of all companies rate the quality of their data as moderate at best. But moving incomplete or incorrect data unprocessed to new platforms not only results in financial losses but, in the worst case, even risks the entire project. An Experian survey discovered that 68% of companies feel the effects of poor data quality very painfully during their transformation initiatives. But it doesn't have to be that way!

      With Natuvion, your transformation project will be a success. Guaranteed. In the first step, Natuvion's experts create absolute transparency and thus a solid basis for your transformation. Our SAP S/4HANA transformation experts combine the strengths of SAP standard analyses with SOPHIA, a very innovative, modern and powerful assessment analysis tool from Natuvion. Natuvion customers can absolutely rely on us to identify, compare, clean, and enrich all relevant data and processes from the underlying system landscape. These analyses create the basis for reliable activity, cost, risk, time and project planning within your successful transformation.

      Data Identifcation & Clustering


      Transformation Scenario Scan

      The most important task in the preparation of a transformation is the estimation of the effort. Because transformations are costly, time-consuming and extensive, these estimates are of crucial importance. They provide the basis for organising resources, budgets and schedules.

      The Natuvion Transformation Scenario Scan covers the precise determination of system size, data volume, customer tables and migration objects. Furthermore, in addition to a system scan, all relevant parameters of the system settings are checked and a close look is taken at the use of the system. Complex setting interdependencies and their relationship to other elements are recognized and documented. In addition to customer-specific developments, all system changes (modifications) are also comprehensively analyzed in report objects, notes and SAP appends. The evaluation of transaction and program usage completes the technical snapshot of your system. These and many other analyses are made possible by Natuvion's analysis tool SOPHIA.

      With our SOPHIA dashboards, you receive all relevant information from your technical snapshot at a glance, presented as an easy-to-read graphical chart. This means you are perfectly prepared for all further steps of your upcoming transformation. SOPHIA has a minimal runtime and works on all systems of the SAP Business Suite.


      System Interface Scan

      Interfaces are the vital veins of your system landscape. This is why complete and up-to-date interface documentation is a prerequisite for planning and implementing landscape changes. Undocumented, outdated or incompatible interfaces can pose serious security threats and cause massive disruptions in daily operations. This is particularly important in technical or business transformation projects.

      Natuvion's Interface Scan analyzes and documents your interfaces automatically and with minimal effort. Connection data and usage statistics of interfaces in your SAP system landscape are collected and evaluated. Your advantage: You gain valuable insights into your system landscape and an analysis of all changes over time. Unused interfaces and connections that are no longer needed are identified and eliminated. The result: optimized business processes and increased agility and security of your IT systems.



      Data Privacy Scan

      Data privacy analyses are usually carried out as part of a data assessment of ILM projects. The aim is the technical identification of personal data. This has to be done in SAP standard tables as well as in SAP add-ons, in-house developments and customer-specific tables. 

      Natuvion provides the powerful analysis tool SOPHIA to perform this task. With the help of this automation solution, the technical identification of personal data is carried out in SAP standard tables as well as in SAP add-ons, proprietary developments and customer-specific tables. By evaluating the in-house developments and customer tables, a delta determination of the ILM archiving/ILM objects required beyond the standard can be achieved with a high degree of automation. This delta determination provides decisive support for your ILM implementation project. With the help of these evaluations, you can decide how to deal with the data stocks outside of the SAP standard with regard to locking/deleting.  In addition, the relevant archiving / ILM objects for the respective application and the table volume of the corresponding main tables are determined automatically.   

      The result:

      • 99% of all personal data is automatically detected 
      • 90% of an IT implementation concept is automatically delivered by SOPHIA   
      • 75% risk minimization of your migration project due to reliable information in project planning


      System Security Scan

      Natuvion’s state-of-the-art tools quickly and automatically detect any system security anomalies and potential vulnerabilities to minimize the risk of jeopardizing your ILM or other transformation project.

      We start by delivering an effort analysis so you are clear on the project scope. Next, our SOPHIA analysis tool speeds through your data to check for security issues that will need to be addressed prior to any transformation project. The result: you get a clear overview of your SAP security status. We provide you with a detailed report on any security issues such as technical glitches, data anonymization requirements, or organizational anomalies like forgotten access permissions for a person no longer with the company. You can see at a glance who has access to what critical data and your compliance status with regard to privacy or other regulatory requirements. We also accelerate your next steps by providing recommendations for action. If required, we can set up a workshop soon after the security scan to present the results, discuss any issues with you, and agree on a to-do list to resolve the problems.


      Data Quality Scan

      Data quality analyses are usually carried out as part of a data assessment for cleaning, housekeeping and archiving projects.

      We run analyses in granular detail on consistencies between data sets (such as customer addresses, product or material IDs, supplier information etc.) as well as on duplicates in a wide range of areas. The analysis makes clear what needs to be corrected, enabling the overall quality of the data to be enhanced in the next step. In addition, the elimination of duplicates can also reduce the database size prior to your transformation or ILM project.

      This set of analyses can also detect which clean-up operations have already been carried out on your data and provide details of them.


      Stadtwerke München

      Stadtwerke München GmbH is one of Germany's largest municipal utilities and service companies, employing more than 10,000 people and generating annual sales of €7.5 billion.

      Stadtwerke München GmbH is one of Germany's largest municipal utilities ...

      Stromnetz Hamburg

      Stromnetz Hamburg own and operate the electricity distribution network in Hamburg and supply around 1.2 million households and businesses with electricity. Around 11 billion kilowatt hours of electricity flow through the company's network every year.

      Stromnetz Hamburg own and operate the electricity distribution network i...


      With almost 6,200 employees and annual sales of around three and a half billion euros, MVV is one of Germany's leading energy companies. Its activities focus on supplying our industrial, commercial and private customers with reliable, economical and environmentally friendly energy.

      With almost 6,200 employees and annual sales of around three and a half ...


      Innogy SE is a subsidiary of E.ON originally established by RWE in 2016. Innogy operates distribution grids and generates and sells electricity.

      Innogy SE is a subsidiary of E.ON originally established by RWE in 2016....


      Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is a listed company headquartered in Karlsruhe. With €19.7 billion in sales and more than 24,000 employees, EnBW is Germany's third-largest energy supply company.

      Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is a listed company headquartered in ...

      EnBW ODR

      EnBW ODR is a subsidiary of EnBW and a service company in the fields of electricity, natural gas, energy services, information technology and the environment.

      EnBW ODR is a subsidiary of EnBW and a service company in the fields of ...

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      This paper provides an overview of the various methods of migrating legacy systems to SAP S/4HANA, while outlining their pros and cons and comparing them to the SDT option.


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