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      Data: your organization’s lifeblood.

      It’s your most valuable asset – so it makes sense to ensure its integrity.

      Using defective building materials can cause a building to collapse – and the same goes for inconsistent and erroneous data in daily use in any company. That’s why Natuvion offers a comprehensive solution.

      Natuvion’s data quality team provides expertise as well as a wide range of tools and processes to verify the state of your data, make recommendations for action, and implement them. Our quality package is available as a standalone service for regulatory or audit requirements, but can also be integrated into a migration or transformation project if required. That way, you can be sure you’re starting out with the best data quality in the new environment.

      Quality & Integrity


      Automated Data Quality Determination (QAS)

      Natuvion’s Quality Assurance Service (QAS), developed in-house, verifies the current state of your data quickly and efficiently with granular, detailed checks using extremely high-performance software.

      At the heart of our QAS, you’ll find Natuvion’s Data Conversion Server™ (DCS). The DCS automates the data verification, quality measurement and integrity processes. The data can be verified from both a content and a technical perspective.

      Our QAS runs tests on three data aggregation levels:

      Table level: our TableCount service counts database entries and collects additional important table-based information. Even with very large SAP ERP, SAP IS-U or other systems, TableCount completes this work in just one to two hours.

      Column level: The QAS takes “fingerprints” in the middle aggregation level to deliver a more accurate view of the customer’s database tables. These fingerprints are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and environment.

      Table value level: this test uses Natuvion’s foreign key checks test for data consistency within the database’s domain values and tables. We often run this test both before and after a data migration or transformation to ensure that all of the data has been mapped and transitioned correctly.


      Automated Finance & Logistics Valuation

      Save time and money on one of the most crucial and time-consuming migration tasks.

      Following migration, it’s essential to conduct a balance comparison to ensure the financial accounts are correctly reconciled. The comparison underpins business continuity while facilitating future audits. This is especially important in an SAP S/4HANA conversion, which can produce structural changes in your SAP system.

      Natuvion automates this process, making it significantly faster and far less resource-intensive than a manual comparison. Its balance comparison tool runs analyses on your data and produces reports both before and after the migration process.

      Here are just a few of its benefits:

      • Much higher data quality
      • Tool-based, transparent process
      • Predefined parameters prior to conversion
      • Centralized parameterization and job control
      • Time savings from automated comparison
      • Result comparison from final tests and go-live
      • Generates a spool request for report generation
      • Generates technical protocols for the S/4HANA conversion


      Design, Implementation & Operation of SAP MDG

      SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) is a methodology developed by SAP for the management and quality assurance of an organization’s master data – one of its most critical resources.

      The role of master data management is to analyze, manage and improve a company’s master data and optimize the way it is captured and used. SAP MDG provides a framework for doing this and Natuvion complements it with deep-dive, expert consulting, services and tools that take SAP MDG much further.

      Natuvion offers a service package dedicated to SAP MDG comprising:

      • Analysis of requirements and checks to verify existing data quality
      • Review and analysis of technological solutions
      • System selection and implementation, consulting and support
      • Auditing and ongoing support post-implementation

      At the heart of this MDG approach is Natuvion’s Data Conversion Server™ (DCS), our cloud-ready, intelligent transformation software used for data quality management and governance projects as well as a range of data transformation initiatives.

      There’s no better way to run your SAP MDG initiative!


      Identification, Cleansing & Prevention of Duplicates

      Prior to any migration or transformation project, it’s essential to check that the data you’re moving is of optimal quality.

      That’s the only way to be sure that your business processes will run smoothly once the transition is complete. Natuvion can help – with speedy analysis, data cleansing and verification of duplicates. These are deleted if necessary but can also be checked, corrected and interlinked in order to ensure data consistency across applications. That way, you end up with an underlying data structure that prevents duplicates from occurring in the first place. If a detail – such as a customer’s address listed in seven applications – is changed in one instance, the modification is replicated across all your systems.

      Natuvion’s high-performance Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) quickly conducts a detailed analysis of your data to identify duplicates, even if you have a very large system such as SAP ERP or multiple systems. We then generate a proof-of-concept and recommended roadmap for the data cleansing phase. If you have an SAP environment, we can conduct this phase as part of an SAP Master Data Governance project; but we also offer data identification, cleansing and duplicate verification services for non-SAP environments.


      Identification, Cleansing & Avoidance of Data Inconsistencies

      Along with the verification and interlinking of duplicates in master data, quality also depends on the elimination of inconsistencies.

      This is particularly important for any data transformation project and naturally also for an SAP Master Data Governance initiative. Our powerful, self-developed Data Conversion Server™ (DCS) solution comes to the rescue again by running a granular analysis of your data to find inconsistencies and make recommendations for action.


      Visualization of Data Quality and Processing Procedures

      Seeing is believing: uncover hidden process weaknesses to give your migration the best chance of success

      The ability to visualize business processes helps you pinpoint inconsistencies and inefficient process steps prior to your data transformation initiative. You’ll be able to correct any anomalies and standardize or optimize your processes.

      Natuvion has close-knit partnerships with Celonis and Signavio that enable us to support customers with innovative process mining and visualization solutions. The result? You identify opportunities to increase the quality of your data and minimize inconsistencies. Along with increasing process quality and reliability, this also accelerates your data transformation project.



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