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      Natuvion's 5 Project Management Success Factors for Your Digital Transformation


      Why is good project management so important? Quite simply. It ensures that budgets, deadlines and quality standards are met. Project success is also much more likely. That's why, after having completed many projects, large and small, we would like to share with you our 5 project management success factors:

      1. Take enough time for your project setup

      No matter which process model you choose - at the beginning of the project it is important to think about how exactly the project should be organized and structured.

      2. Use the agile elements that are helpful for you

      Do you like to work in sprints but still have a steering committee and status reports? You need a project manager but still want to do Daily’s? You use Jira and still need to document some meetings? Yeah sure, you can! It's your project and your organization.

      3. Less is sometimes more

      Try not to want everything at once so the organization is not overwhelmed. For example, if you want to work with Jira, you don’t have to use every feature the software vendor offers. Always put yourself in the shoes of those who will have to work with the setup later in the project. How much complexity do you want to impose on your colleagues?

      4. Staff your project management

      Don't underestimate how beneficial a well-staffed project management team is to your project's success. Whether you call the role project office, PMO, scrum master or project coordinator. You need someone to act as your project manager and watch your back with many organizational activities so you can focus on quality assurance and governance in the project.

      5. Regularly review your procedures

      Especially in long projects, inaccuracies often start to happen after a certain period of time. The meeting is constantly overrun and the agenda is no longer adhered to. The Jira tickets are no longer fully maintained. Not everyone joins the Daily anymore. Check to see why this is happening. Should the Daily be held at a different time? Are all fields still needed in Jira? Or is everything in fact appropriate, it's just that no one was looking that closely anymore? Be consistent and get everyone back "on track" with project management. This is the only way to achieve optimal transparency for your project.



      Professional project management in practice 

      EnBW ODR also wanted to leave nothing to chance in its SAP S/4HANA transformation - and entrusted Natuvion's experienced project managers with holistic project support. They easily managed a total of 40 project participants, 2,500 Jira tickets, 25 sprint cycles and 40 steering committee meetings. The result was a precision landing at go-live. You can read about all the details in our success story.

      Download Success Story

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