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      A pillar for building the intelligent enterprise

      Disruptive innovation: for some companies the key to success, for others the reason for losing market share. The pressure to innovate has never been more apparent. It holds true for both products and services, the own business model, and the established process and implemented IT landscapes. It is widely recognized that continuous development in these areas belong to a company’s key competencies.

      To address this situation, SAP offers its customers the license package RISE with SAP. This package includes technical prerequisites and necessary innovative tools to enable organizations to pursue certain transformation goals. Labeled as ‘Business as a Service’ it supports companies in reducing development cycles, consolidating IT landscapes, and optimizing product and service quality. It requires modern and innovative technology to build an intelligent, resilient, and sustainable company.

      What is RISE with SAP


      RISE with SAP is a holistic offering comprised of cloud-based services and technical support provided by SAP. It is SAP’s response to companies’ request for digital transformation where cloud is being used as a catalyst to accelerate the journey to an intelligent, future-ready company.

      As part of this package customers leverage the cloud-based ERP system SAP S/4HANA in public or private cloud.
      Best Practices are an important aspect to any system transformation. RISE with SAP allows for the unleashing of hidden efficiencies by offering access to many industries’ best practices. Up to date business process models may be implemented using SAP Business Technology Platform with shortened time to market cycles. Additionally, RISE with SAP enables digital collaboration with business partners across interfaces, and includes value-oriented services within the SAP partner network.
      As if the capabilities coming with RISE with SAP would not be convincing enough, taking advantage of the entire package can reduce the overall operating cost of SAP S/4HANA according to SAP by up to 20 percent compared to implementing the solution on premise.

      One package, many possibilities

      The five core components of RISE with SAP

      1. SAP S/4HANA Cloud

      In most companies the ERP system is the central piece in their landscape integrating its business processes. This is not different with RISE with SAP where the cloud-based ERP solution SAP S/4HANA is in the heart of the package. Customers can choose from a Public Cloud or Private Cloud Edition which cover almost all business processes and regulatory requirements. With its flexibility, business processes can be managed successfully and efficiently.

      For customer convenience, SAP assumes responsibility for system provisioning, hosting in the cloud, and maintenance.

      2. Business Process Intelligence (BPI)

      Typically, it is the first step when getting started with RISE with SAP: analyzing and optimizing business processes.

      As part of RISE with SAP, SAP Signavio offers the capabilities to transform all critical business processes. Its components Process Manager and Collaboration Hub allow it to transform while standardizing based on best practices process models. With SAP Signavio you can run a detailed performance analysis using generated  process data. Intelligent process analytic tools identify, analyze, and prioritize improvement potential. These features allow for a proactive process management while using resources effectively.

      SAP Signavio supports a strategic approach to business process management. It provides process landscape transparency.

      3. SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

      RISE with SAP includes access to SAP BTP. Provided as services from SAP, the SAP partner network, and third-party vendors, the platform is the source for innovation. Innovation ultimately becoming tomorrow’s standard can be easily integrated today by businesses seeking lucrative competitive advantage. The platform services are continuously being expanded, followed by process adoption and improvements.

      4. SAP Business Network

      As a fourth component of RISE with SAP, the starter pack for SAP Business Network seamlessly connects more than five million businesses from around 200 countries along the value chain.

      5. More Tools and Services

      Beyond the four above listed areas, there is a separate large portfolio of technical tools and services. These tools mainly support the transition to the cloud and the management of the IT landscape. Readiness Check, SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, or SAP Enable Now are such essential tools which are widely used.

      SAP customers have the liberty to choose from any hyperscaler. For instance, SAP components of its cloud-based modular enterprise architecture can be hosted by Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud.

      Transformation Study 2024

      Transformation Study 2024

      Discover how 1,295 companies worldwide are migrating their data and processes to more modern, more powerful systems and benefit from exclusive insights into their experiences and best practices.


      Digital Transformation and RISE with SAP

      How to achieve your transformation goals in three steps

      1. Business Process Redesign

      Analyze your business processes and redesign as needed. This task is accomplished with proven, preconfigured sets of standard business processes which have been optimized for SAP S/4HANA.

      2. Technical Migration

      Migrate your SAP system. This technical project uses automation tools and services to support the transformation of your IT landscape into a standard, modular cloud architecture.

      3. The intelligent Enterprise

      Leverage innovation. State of the art analytical concepts, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation (RPA) are areas of a cloud infrastructure which enable organizations to continuously improve and innovate.

      Even if you have already taken the first steps towards becoming an intelligent enterprise with SAP’s latest solutions, RISE with SAP has a lot to offer to make the most of your investment and create continued, sustainable value.

      At a glance: advantages of RISE with SAP

      Accelerate your road to becoming the intelligent, digital enterprise

      Analyse Unterstützung-1 Vertrag Zahnräder

      Increase business value through fast-track transformation with analyses and simulations

      Enjoy support from experienced transformation professionals throughout the entire process

      Sign one contract for all services and tools

      Use latest, intelligent tools without the need for costly implementations


      Three reasons to move forward with RISE with SAP

      1. Direct and future cost reduction with intelligent ERP systems

      2. Integrated cloud architecture with future-ready, expandable, flexible IT solutions

      3. Ability to focus and prioritize along with trusted service partners

      With RISE with SAP, you have the opportunity to stop being a laggard amongst your peers. Instead become a leader and raise the competition bar!


      Would you like to learn more about RISE with SAP as a holistic service package? Simply fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.