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      What is SAP Activate?


      The SAP Activate Framework is a harmonized implementation approach for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid implementations in the SAP environment and can be used in a wide variety of SAP solutions, including SAP S/4HANA. The simplified, modular approach supports increased co-innovation and collaboration, providing comprehensive support for initial implementation and continuous business innovation.

      The framework consists of the three elements of methodology, content, and tools, and is based on standardized SAP processes. In the implementation, the framework follows a hybrid approach. Both classic and agile methods are used. In this way, the strengths of the respective procedures can be optimally combined. The customer's needs are the center of focus and are optimally mapped based on the SAP standard processes. The framework is designed to achieve project goals quickly and cost-effectively by simplifying processes and reducing complexity in SAP projects.

      SAP Activate builds on the experience and tools of its predecessors such as ASAP for on-premises systems, respectively SAP Launch for cloud solutions or the Rapid Deployment Solution.


      Who are the users of SAP Activate?

      Although SAP Activate was originally developed for SAP S/4HANA, the method can also be used for other SAP solutions. Therefore, SAP Activate can be used in different companies and company sizes. This also applies to existing and new SAP customers. Especially at the beginning of migration projects, SAP Activate can provide an overview of the upcoming project and already set a framework and rough structure. As the project progresses, the framework also offers a large number of standardized best practice processes that are described in great detail and can be configured. SAP Activate is therefore a good framework for anyone carrying out a SAP migration project.

      Benefits of SAP Activate

      At a glance

      Transparenz durch agilen Ansatz sichere Implementierung sichere Einführung 08.40.04 Zeit- und Geld Ersparnis

      Flexibility and high transparency through an agile approach

      secure implementation

      Quick and easy introduction of SAP solutions

      Time and cost savings by eliminating the blueprint phase


      Three elements of SAP Activate

      1. Content

      Content means the provision of basic configurations, prototypes as well as accelerators and guidelines. SAP provides users with standard configurations via SAP Best Practices that can be used to execute a business process. Ready-to-use systems provide projects with a prototype and project accelerators containing project plans, document templates and references to SAP information sources, and provide project managers with the basis for a project library. SAP provides system content and instructions for the areas of integration and migration. This content is provided through the various tools.

      2. Tools

      SAP distinguishes between two types of tools: Process Automation tools and Content Provisioning tools. 

      Process automation tools provide solution platforms for executing project-related processes, allowing the project team to create and manage project-related data in such tools. The most important SAP solutions that offer tools for process automation are the SAP Solution Manager and SAP S/4HANA itself.

      Content provisioning tools provide access to content used by project teams for configuring and running solutions, delivering training, and more. Most content provisioning tools are online portals. The most important tools in this category are the SAP Roadmap Viewer and the SAP Best Practices Explorer.


      • SAP Roadmap Viewer

        With the SAP Roadmap Viewer, continuous project phases are supported by the provision of accelerators and a step-by-step approach.

        The SAP Roadmap Viewer is the entry point for project teams working with the SAP Activate Framework. This contains implementation roadmaps sorted by category or SAP solution. A project-specific work breakdown structure can be created based on the appropriate roadmap. This work breakdown structure contains a list, tasks, goals, and activities of the SAP project team tailored to the solution to be migrated. In addition, it can be enriched by the company's own project resources. The project plan thus serves as the starting point for a SAP project and provides ongoing support during the course of the project through references (accelerators) to SAP knowledge. You can find out more here.

      • SAP Best Practice Explorer

        The SAP Best Practices Explorer is the central location for solution documentation. It contains information on business process flows and SAP S/4HANA configuration guidelines.

        If you use SAP Best Practices content, you can access the process diagrams and test scripts for each area in the SAP Best Practices Explorer. Use these to explain and demonstrate the functionality of the SAP S/4HANA solution. You can find out more here.

      3. Methodology

      The third component is the methodology. The methodology comprises six phases that build on one another. With iterative elements and the agile approach, SAP Activate strives for the improvement and continuous development of processes and project quality.


      Six phases of SAP Activate

      Due to the hybrid approach, the processes in the individual project phases are already adapted during implementation using short cycles in order to achieve the set goal. The new methodology envisages four core project phases as well as an upstream and a downstream phase.

      phases_sap activate

      Do you need support with the project setup or the management of your projects?

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