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      Your challenges

      What gives you a headache?

      We deal with many typical requirements and challenges of our customers every day. Almost always it is about how business decisions can be supported efficiently, cost-effectively and quickly by IT systems.

      Do you recognize one of your typical challenges? We have already solved most of them very often and successfully! Below you may also find some process descriptions, customer stories or white paper that fit exactly to your challenge!! Take your time. We promise: It is worth it!

      Your Challenges

      Choose your challenge and get our solution.


      We want to prepare for an SAP transformation

      What matters in an SAP transformation

      Learn about everything that needs to be considered in the context of an SAP transformation, dependent on your use case and goal.


      We need to outsource data from our IT systems

      What matters during a carve-out

      Find out what is essential for the success of a carve-out and which points should be considered during planning and implementation.


      We need to integrate data into our IT systems

      What matters in a carve-in

      Learn how to optimally integrate IT systems, which approaches there are for an SAP Merge and what the success factors are.


      We want to launch SAP ILM

      What matters with SAP ILM

      Learn exactly how SAP ILM works, what key competencies it consists of, and what are the special features of SAP ILM in HCM.


      We want to decommission IT system (parts) in a legally secure manner

      What is important for a system decommissioning

      Learn when you should think about system decommissioning and how to approach the topic and which tools can support you.


      We want a system changeover without time pressure

      What matters with Near Zero Downtime

      Learn how to minimize downtime during a system transition, what makes NZDT work for you, and how best to proceed in your transformation project.


      We want to automate processes

      What is important with RPA

      Find out how you can use robotic process automation (RPA) to make processes more efficient, free up employees and create time for more demanding work.


      We need approaches for growing data volume & better data quality

      What matters when choosing the right approach

      Learn why new approaches to the growing volume of data and improved data quality are important to meet the increasing demands in data processing.

      Articles and News


      Jun 5, 2024

      Successful divestments with...

      Lanco achieves two complex transformation projects with...

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      M&A Success with SAP S/4HANA Carve-in

      May 20, 2024

      M&A Success with SAP...

      Supported by Natuvion, AMAG migrates acquired company...

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      ‘In too many companies, organizational and cultural change is underestimated!’

      May 13, 2024

      ‘In too many companies,...

      Companies that successfully organize all areas of change...

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      Low-code in cloud product development

      May 8, 2024

      Low-code in cloud product...

      Software development has evolved rapidly in recent years,...

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      Preparation is key: ensuring an efficient and secure go-live for SAP S/4HANA migration

      Apr 30, 2024

      Preparation is key:...

      The switch to SAP S/4HANA is currently one of the main...

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      “We need to change the way data gets into systems!”  

      Apr 12, 2024

      “We need to change the way...

      Master data forms the basis of almost all business...

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      How archiving analyses can assist you in your transformation!

      Mar 27, 2024

      How archiving analyses can...

      In today's evolving system landscapes, strategic and...

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      Mar 15, 2024

      From three to one!

      STOCKMEIER uses Natuvion DCS to successfully consolidate...

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