Data Privacy Audit & Certification

Holistic review of data privacy measures taken


Implemented data privacy measures require regular review mechanisms in order to identify regulatory or implementation gaps at an early stage. After your successful GDPR project, ask yourself the following questions:

Are there any updated legal regulations that lead to new or extended requirements for operational data privacy? Have your implementation concepts been executed correctly in your IT systems? Are the established technical and organizational measures still state-of-the-art?

If so, an initial non-binding interview would be an important first step.



On the basis of the standard data privacy model, we were one of the first providers to develop an integrated data privacy audit program to comprehensively check the data privacy compliance of your organization and your IT system landscape for the measures taken.

Benefit from our experienced lawyers and certified data privacy auditors with a procedural and technical focus and extensive knowledge from previous GDPR implementation projects.

Together, we can help you determine both the scope and depth of the audit in advance  from a questionnaire-based approach to on-site interviews and technical system audits. A final audit report summarizes the findings in a verifiable manner and shows the potential for optimization. You can use this documentation as reporting to your management or present it to the supervisory authority in case of audit inquiries. In adddition, you create the basis for a future certification procedure in accordance with Art. 42 of the GDPR.



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