IT Security Consulting


Cyber crime is becoming more professional every day and the legal requirements for protection against it are becoming increasingly strict. Stay one step ahead and benefit from our cross-platform and holistic IT security consulting.

Which legal requirements apply specifically to your system landscape? Which threat currently poses the greatest risk to you? And with which technical and organizational measures do you fulfill the widest range of certifications, such as ISO27001 and BSI 200?

Our certified SAP consultants will not only assist you in analyzing weaknesses and deriving the most effective recommendations for action, but will also use their extensive experience to implement the technical solutions for you in a timely manner.


Minimize your costs and risks and take advantage of our standardized approach to vulnerability analysis, templates for secure reference architectures, and many years of project experience.


We also differ essentially in the holistic view of your system landscape. Thus, in addition to your SAP system landscape, we include all other software and system manufacturers existing in the respective IT landscape, such as salesforce®, Oracle, or Microsoft, in the conception and implementation.


Our services:


Cross-platform IT vulnerability analysis

Examination of legal requirements

Technical recommendations for action and implementation

Preparation for certifications such as ISO27001 or BSI 200

Staff training and raising awareness




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