Data Masking & Anonymization


Do you want to anonymize your non-productive systems or their data within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, or simply protect your productive systems or data from unauthorized access or misuse?



Whether you want to make your productive personal data compliant with data privacy regulations or protect your business secrets, we have the right scenario for every application.



Data Privacy Compliance in Test Systems


We can help you create a complete actual status of your non-productive systems, including an analysis of the personal data contained within them. We then design a proposal for the data privacy-compliant depersonalization (anonymization or pseudonymization) and implement it into your SAP NetWeaver and/or SAP S/4HANA test systems.

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Data Privacy in Productive System Environments


We can help you create a complete actual status of your productive systems, including an analysis of the data contained within them (personal references, sensitivity level, business secrets, etc.). Afterwards, we design a roadmap and decision template for possible solutions, such as SAP UI Masking, SAP UI Logging, SAP Read Access Logging, or HANA 2.0 real-time anonymization. We are happy to support you in the subsequent implementation.


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Data Privacy for Reporting and Analysis


The functionality of HANA 2.0 real-time anonymization can be used especially for analytical applications in human resources management (SAP HCM) or in pure business warehouse systems. We can help you develop the right application scenarios and use cases and accompany you during the implementation of the anonymization and calculation views and their operation.

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Natuvion's TDA


Natuvion's Test Data Anonymization (TDA) is an SAP add-on and can anonymize and/or pseudonymize all HANA- and NetWeaver-based SAP applications. Furthermore, by using TDA, the data volume can be optimized or lessened by reducing unused data in your test systems.


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Natuvion's SOPHIA


Natuvion's SOPHIA is an SAP system analysis tool that has been specially developed for the identification of personal data in SAP system landscapes. SOPHIA also finds data with personal references in proprietary developments, add-on structures, or free text fields. SOPHIA should be an integral part of every anonymization project, ILM project, and data privacy audit.

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