SAP Access Monitoring

Monitoring of field-related data access with SAP Read Access Logging (RAL) or SAP UI Logging


An elegant and simple way to protect sensitive data during the implementation of your technical and organizational measures is to monitor access to this information in your SAP systems. This monitoring can be performed using the software solutions Read Access Logging (RAL) or UI Logging (UIL) from SAP.

The RAL Framework helps you monitor and log access to sensitive data/fields within SAP system landscapes. The monitoring can take place at different levels and input channels. Access can be monitored via the user interfaces, as well as through services and function/program calls. The monitoring must be configured at field level. The results of the accesses are made available in a function overview.


Natuvion supports both the design and implementation of Read Access Logging and UI Logging. The full implementation can also be preceded by a proof of concept. On request, we also carry out an audit for quality assurance of your existing RAL or UIL installations.

Another big advantage: If you want a clear monitoring with automatic monitoring mechanisms, the log results of the SAP RAL can easily be integrated into the SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD).



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