Consistent Data Deletion in SAP Systems

With Natuvion's Data Decommissioning Service, personal data can be deleted intelligently and consistently after expiration of legitimation.


The deletion or decommissioning of data within an SAP system landscape is often the result of technical necessities (e.g. data transfers and carve-outs, system shutdowns, client decommissioning / new clients) or legal requirements (loss or expiration of legitimation, Art. 17 GDPR - right to "oblivion"). Thus, customer data is often transferred to new service providers after expiration of data processing orders or service contracts  however, the historical data often remains in the respective production systems for long periods of time.



In fact, there is no standardized solution to delete data in bulk, in batches, or on an object basis with acceptable performance. Natuvion specializes in the professional implementation of complex deletion projects. With a mature approach, intelligent tools, and extensive experience on both a functional and technical level, we turn your deletion project into a routine job. 



With the Data Decommissioning Service (DDS), Natuvion has designed a solution that can implement necessary deletion scenarios directly on the database. The SAP application server and any dependent performance obstacles are completely bypassed.


The advantages of the Data Decommissioning Service for complete deletion of historical data at a glance:

  • Deletions of SAP systems and connected landscapes
  • Free data selections according to any characteristics including predefined typing content for various industry solutions
  • Full monitoring of all transformation and transfer activities
  • Extremely high performance due to implementation algorithms directly on the DB
  • Integrated data reconciliation and quantitative accounting reconciliation
  • Integrated load management / database optimization



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