Dynamic modular product system as a helpful sales tool


A central management interface - with Natuvion's product, price and option database (PPO) for flexible and innovative retail products


The market is constantly on the move. In order to keep up with the changes and react immediately to developments, it is necessary to be able to respond quickly and easily to the needs of customers. The representation of the various customer requirements is essential for this, especially for solutions that have been individually tailored to the customer. To meet this challenge, distributors need a comprehensive, dynamically adaptable modular product system. For this purpose Natuvion has developed the product, price and option database (PPO), a useful sales instrument that not only offers numerous possibilities but can also be managed with little effort. PPO functions as a central instance of product and price management. It serves as an information provider for all sales channels (offline, web, sales partners) and contains all price components for the acquisition and billing processes.



Fast creation of new products, creation of product variants or changes to products in IS-U

Very simple product construction through graphic interface - e.g. directly by the product or sales team

Significantly reduced implementation effort (cost & time) for new products

Clear and transparent product design and price maintenance in one central location

Avoidance of parallel data maintenance

Simple price adjustments

Simple relocation of existing customers

Central Features


Central database for defining and managing products, product variants and storing prices

Access to product and price information in IS-U Billing (Regional Pricing)

Information provider for all sales channels through web service connection

Multiple use of rate categories possible

Sharp prices possible (e.g. for home-made electricity)

Link to the AOI (Additive Option Invoicing) framework of Natuvion

Simplified billing

Defined export structures, e.g. for sales partners and web portals such as verivox, Check24, etc.

Defined import structures for loading from external sources

Graphical user interface

New, clear contract tab with the relevant information for clerks at a glance

Integration in CIC possible

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