Episode 6: Have no fear! SAP Cloud for Utilities can secure your data in the cloud and make you a best practice master.
This webinar will go over the biggest business advantages that SAP Cloud for Utilities offers and what security measures it covers when it comes to your energy data and personal data. In this candid Q&A discussion, we will share how the cloud solution’s best practices can turn your business into a best-run Intelligent Enterprise.
Episode 5: Ensure Data Privacy Compliance in your SAP Landscape with Data Anonymization
One of the key requirements of data privacy regulations is that you are not allowed to use real personal data in your test environments. Learn in this webinar & demo how Natuvion's Test Data Anonymization tool can replace TDMS.
Episode 3: Mitigating Privacy and Security Risks with the NEW SAP Privacy Governance Suite
The SAP Privacy Governance application helps companies collect all processes where personal related data is processed. This addresses the requirements of article 30 EU General Data Protection Regulation and assesses the risk in a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Join the discussion with the Head of the SAP Privacy Governance team to find out how this compliance package can work for you.