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      The challenge of the century

      Compliance with privacy and security regulations throughout your infrastructure

      You probably already know that Natuvion is a recognized global expert in data transformation – from any source to any target system. But our secret weapon is even more convincing.

      Working on your transformation or migration project with Natuvion, you’ll ensure data privacy and comprehensive compliance with all common regulations worldwide. In other words, you only need one project to achieve two separate goals. And that saves money, time and resources while reducing risk.
      Benefit from the power and performance of SOPHIA, Natuvion’s analysis tool. It drastically reduces the time and resources needed in data protection projects. It analyzes and identifies all personal data and fields in your entire system landscape. And it does so fully automatically.

      Information Lifecycle Management


      Information Lifecycle Management for SAP S/4HANA

      Natuvion: unique credentials to ensure ILM project success

      We are one of just four companies worldwide selected by SAP to co-found the Selective Data Transformation Engagement. We’re also a Gold Partner and based just around the corner from SAP’s HQ – and frequently have access to their best minds. Plus: we’ve run successful information lifecycle management (ILM) projects for dozens of SAP customers around the world. Many of them – wisely – started their ILM journey with Natuvion prior to a data transformation or migration project. That ensures better data management right from the start when the new system goes live.

      So how can you benefit from ILM? First, automating data retention and archiving saves you time and resources. Second, you reduce the cost and complexity of your infrastructure by reducing data volumes through controlled deletion and system decommissioning. Last but definitely not least: you ensure compliance with retention and privacy requirements.

      Against that backdrop, we can provide invaluable assistance for your SAP S/4HANA Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) project. Our broad experience in ILM has resulted in a standardized implementation approach and predefined templates. That reduces risk, increases data quality, and cuts implementation costs.

      Logical work packages

      We have developed a part-agile methodology composed of four “epics” or work packages.

      We can tailor these to each customer but the content usually includes:

      • Epic 0: project setup and basic customization
      • Epic 1: Blocking of master data
      • Epic 2: Blocking (archiving) of transaction data
      • Epic 3: Deletion of master and transaction data

      This approach ensures phased increases in your GDPR compliance levels from the start of the project. We also produce detailed documentation and run workshops for each epic to ensure knowledge transfer.  As one of the world’s most experienced SAP ILM partners, we can implement ILM on ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP CRM, IS solutions and SAP HCM. To say nothing of heterogeneous infrastructures with Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft systems as well as SAP.


      Information Lifecycle Management for SAP Netweaver Solutions

      Flexibility for your NetWeaver environment

      Planning an SAP S/4HANA data transformation or migration project? Need to check your data privacy compliance situation? Natuvion can help. Our team of experts has worked on multiple SAP NetWeaver information lifecycle management (ILM) projects. In fact, we’re one of the world’s most experienced implementation and consulting partners for SAP ILM. And Natuvion is one of just four companies worldwide selected by SAP to co-found the Selective Data Transformation Engagement.

      ILM benefits

      Implementing ILM has multiple benefits for your business, especially if you envisage transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. It enables you to put your NetWeaver data management and data quality practices on the best possible footing before migrating. As well as reducing costs by automating rule-based data archiving and deletion, it makes compliance with privacy regulations significantly easier. As it helps to control and optimize data volumes, you’ll save database costs too.
      Natuvion’s experience with multiple NetWeaver ILM projects has resulted in a proven methodology and best-practice templates for blockage and deletion rules. They benefit you by ensuring efficient project execution as well as a dramatic reduction in project complexity.

      Our agile implementation methodology is divided up into logical work packages. Known as epics, they are built on one another and culminate in a successful go-live.

      Another way Natuvion stands out from the crowd is by taking a holistic approach to your infrastructure. Along with NetWeaver, our ILM approach also covers Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft systems as well as a wide variety of SAP applications.


      Information Lifecycle Management for Salesforce

      Do you want to improve data protection in your Salesforce environment? Do you use a heterogeneous system environment that includes Salesforce? Do you want to implement automated blocking and deletion routines to increase your compliance? Don't look any further! Natuvion has everything you need!

      Data management, data structure but also the Salesforce application areas are very different in every company. There is also no standard yet for the specification of differentiated blocking and deletion rules for Salesforce. Natuvion is the perfect partner for these challenges! We not only have extensive experience with the Salesforce data model, but also with the implementation of individual blocking and deletion mechanisms in Salesforce. This includes the implementation of an end-of-purpose check, the calculation of data type-specific locking and deletion times, the movement of data to external storage for the purpose of locking, or the final destruction of data.

      Automated Locking and Deletion in Salesforce Sales & Service

      In your Salesforce data protection project, working with Natuvion saves you a lot of time and money. Some exciting reference projects prove that. The Natuvion team can also drastically reduce the risk of compliance violations. Talk to us! We would be happy to present our ILM Salesforce service offering to you.


      Information Lifecycle Management Service & Support

      Essential services to smooth your path to effective ILM

      The need for information lifecycle management support has increased dramatically. Why? The requirements from legal regulations and the associated risk management are continuously increasing! The growing trend towards harmonization and consolidation of system landscapes to reduce costs also supports this development. But beware: The operation and support of professional ILM is complex and very time-consuming. An extensive set of rules with a wide variety of locking and deletion runs must be monitored and errors must be analyzed immediately at any time. If you have few ILM specialists in your team, or if your resources are chronically short, Natuvion can provide you with the perfect support.

      Do you want to outsource the operation and support of your ILM? No problem! For several years now, Natuvion's experts have been supporting their customers with Information Livecycle Management service and support. Talk to us! We will be happy to work out an individual concept with you on how we can support the operation and maintenance of your ILM.

      Data Privacy & Security


      Depersonalization, Anonymization, Pseudonymization

      The German business weekly Wirtschaftswoche recently ran the headline "Data is the gold of the digital age. But how can employees benefit from enterprise data without violating data protection? How can they make analyses and evaluations without gaining insights into trade secrets? One option: through data masking or real-time anonymization! Natuvion's data security specialists can help you implement this!

      Where possible, employees want to use the entire data treasure for analysis and evaluation. Companies want to support their employees in gaining extensive insights from complete data sets - without revealing secrets! Real-time anonymization is one way to do this! SAP HANA data anonymization is a tool that is primarily focused on performing analysis. It complements other security mechanisms such as masking, authorization and encryption.

      SAP offers several tools for this purpose, which the Natuvion team will implement for you in the best possible way!

      SAP HANA Data Management Suite. Natuvion supports you with the implementation!


      The SAP HANA Data Management Suite supports you when it comes to security and data protection with functions and tools for real-time anonymization and dynamic data masking. It can be used to improve technical and organizational measures (toMs) and increase the level of protection of sensitive data. The goal of data masking is to selectively or completely hide information in tables and views to reduce critical data's information value. Dynamic masking protects sensitive or confidential data in a specific column of a table or view by transforming data to be only partially visible to an unprivileged user or to be rendered completely meaningless, but still appear real and consistent.

      Natuvion is among the most experienced Data Security & Privacy SAP consulting firms. Depersonalization, anonymization or pseudonymization of data is one of the core competencies of Natuvion's data security specialists! We support you all the way from the concept to the implementation of the necessary technical solutions!

      Talk to us. We would be happy to discuss your challenges with you!


      Identity & Access Management

      IAM: essential security for your business

      Natuvion has many years’ experience in running identity and access management (IAM) projects for companies of any size.

      We start by analyzing your cloud or on-premises solutions and their interfaces. This helps us to ascertain the current situation and make recommendations for action and built up the technical architecture together. We work with you to design and map the access permissions, then synchronize with your existing governance, risk and compliance tool. Furthermore we help to integrate third-party solutions with your existing landscape and support with the implementation work.


      Authorization Architecture & Authorization Management

      Comprehensive authorization support for your transformation project

      You probably know that there are major differences in authorization architecture between SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. Users log in to ECC and are authorized simply via PFCG. In contrast, with SAP S/4HANA, they access Fiori and only see the applications approved for their user group or role. There is an additional set of authorizations depending on what the user is trying to do.

      All in all, the differences in authorization management can add complexity to data transformation projects. Natuvion helps by evaluating your current authorization concept and recommending any changes. We then transfer existing and modified authorizations to your new SAP S/4HANA system. We also analyze the Fiori apps relevant to your processes and system architecture. Working with your team, our specialists develop the right architecture for your business.

      The result: a comprehensive authorization solution that guarantees you the highest level of security and compliance. Plus: it also leverages the best of SAP S/4HANA for your applications.


      Access Controll, Logging & Monitoring

      Leverage Natuvion’s experience with SAP RAL and UIL for robust security

      Natuvion offers a full design and implementation service for SAP Read Access Logging (RAL) as well as SAP UI Logging (UIL). These protect your sensitive data against the risk of insider threats.

      SAP RAL operates on the field level – it monitors and logs access to sensitive data fields in your SAP systems. The monitoring function is flexible across different levels and input channels as well as user interfaces, services or function/program calls. If required, the log results can be integrated into your SAP Enterprise Threat Detection system.

      SAP UIL monitors and logs user actions in SAP GUI transactions, recording everything users enter on-screen.

      If required, we can also carry out a quality assurance audit of your existing RAL and/or UIL installations. This can be advisable prior to a data transformation or migration project.


      Thread Detection and Business Integrity Screening

      SAP ETD with Natuvion: always-on security you can count on. Across all your systems.

      It’s no secret that companies are subjected to a rising tide of security threats and changing regulatory requirements. That’s why a security information and event management (SIEM) system has become so essential. The Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD) suite from SAP is a shining example of these systems’ effectiveness. Its threat and fraud identification is based on log, access and transactional data. ETD detects any suspicious activity in your infrastructure, protecting it from internal and external threats, as well as direct system attacks. It deploys:

      • Automated, prioritized alerts
      • Forensic analyses
      • Monitoring and risk evaluation
      • Alert forwarding to other SIEM systems
      • Log correlation and analysis
      • User behavior analysis

      Natuvion’s expert ETD team works with you to analyze system contents, critical ABAP objects and other aspects. We then provide ETD implementation tailored to your needs, required protection level, and company size.

      And the best part? We offer this as a managed service, enabling you to focus on your core business and better use your staff resources. Our service includes maintenance, ongoing analyses of the alarms generated by the system, and ensuring up-to-date and optimized configuration.


      regio iT

      Headquartered in Aachen and with branches in Gütersloh and Siegburg, regio iT offers strategic and project-related IT consulting, integration, IT infrastructure and full service in four business areas: IT Service and Operations, Administration and Finance, Energy and Waste Management, Education and Development.

      Headquartered in Aachen and with branches in Gütersloh and Siegburg, reg...

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      Wiener Netze

      Wiener Netze is Austria's largest combined network operator. Its network extends over a length of 30,000 kilometers: it includes an electricity, gas and district heating network as well as a telecommunications network.

      Wiener Netze is Austria's largest combined network operator. Its network...

      Wien IT

      As IT & Business Partner and 100% subsidiary of Wiener Stadtwerke GmbH, Wien IT is responsible for the IT cases of the group companies. The company manages around 10,000 workstations, more than 70 Internet and intranet sites and over 1,200 servers.

      As IT & Business Partner and 100% subsidiary of Wiener Stadtwerke Gm...

      Wien Energie

      Wien Energie GmbH is an energy company that is part of Wiener Stadtwerke. Wien Energie is Austria's largest energy supplier, selling a total of around 23 TWh of electrical energy, natural gas and district heating annually, and was Austria's third-largest CO₂ emitter in 2019.

      Wien Energie GmbH is an energy company that is part of Wiener Stadtwerke...


      Tyczka Energy is one of the nation's leading specialists in the field of liquid gas. Across Germany, 350 dedicated employees of the company work for customers.

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      The leading energy service provider in the Free State supplies more than 500,000 customers with natural gas, electricity and district heating every day. The company supplies private households, business customers, industrial companies as well as municipal utilities and municipal suppliers.

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