Workshop - Software Development Workshop with the SAP Cloud Platform


Companies are facing the challenge of how to respond to the growing impatience of their customers and how to withstand the rapid technological changes in the markets. The aim is to simplify business processes within the company, to network employees, to integrate data and to address customers through various channels. The applications must be easy and intuitive to use from different mobile devices. This requires a flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure - this is where the SAP Cloud Platform comes in.
Natuvion has been one of the first SAP partners to develop their own applications on the SAP Cloud Platform since last year. The experience gained in this process was directly incorporated into a 1-day workshop, which has already been successfully initiated several times.

What can you expect in the workshop? 


  • The workshop helps you to overcome the hurdle to the new technology platform.
  • Through the development of our own apps and the experience gained, we are able to support you in entering the new world of SAP Cloud.
  • We also help you to define your own architecture and development strategy.
  • Additionally, we provide our own virtualized development environment. This includes, for example, a preconfigured development environment, a local Web service and a database instance. This allows the first dry runs in the familiar local environment to be carried out in a short set-up time before development with the cloud begins.

Course content


  • Introduction to the topic
  • Necessary tools (GIT, Maven, Eclipse, SAP Web IDE, admin and test tools)
  • Development in Java (Microservices with Spring Boot, Data Formats, REST, Web Services)
  • Development of user interfaces (SAP UI5, Fiori)
  • Other Services of the SAP Cloud Platform

Target group:


  • Software developer
  • Project manager
  • Software architects


Interested in setting up a 1-day workshop to make your own ideas come to life on the SAP Cloud Platform?

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