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      5 reasons why thinking about intelligent automation in the utilities industry is worthwhile!


      1. Relieve your employees

      Especially employees in the energy sector currently have a lot of work to do. During that a large part of their working time continues to be taken up by routine tasks. Filtering information from documents, copying and pasting text, filling out forms, creating tables - the list goes on. And there's no question about it: these tasks are important, but not always very demanding. They also take away time from your employees to devote to issues such as customer service or finding creative ideas and solutions to more complex problems. In addition, especially in these times when legal regulations are undergoing major changes, many unsettled customers are trying to get answers. This further contributes to the fact that the capacity of your employees is simply exhausted. Therefore, there is hardly any question of automation taking away your employees' jobs. Rather, it represents a profitable relief that not only results in happier employees, but also has a positive impact on your business.

      2. Quality optimization of your processes & services

      We are convinced that your employees do an excellent job. But true to the motto "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs", errors cannot always be avoided, especially in routine tasks. Here, too, intelligent automation can help and reduce careless mistakes such as incorrect entries, accidental sending of the wrong documents or faulty links in CRM systems. The various areas of intelligent automation can be deployed, as the term suggests, intelligently. The combination of digital robots and artificial intelligence can leverage the best of your work processes. This leads to thoroughly and consistently executed processes and consequently to sustainably improved process quality. This also indirectly reduces the amount of work, as it also means fewer customer inquiries that have to be handled by phone or in writing. Which brings us directly to the next benefit. 

      3. Increased productivity at lower costs

      Intelligent automation increases productivity and reduces costs. Digital employees can work 24/7 without breaks or vacation, which means more work can be completed. If errors don't occur in the first place, due to automation, they don't have to be corrected. Employee resources that are freed up due to this can now be put into other tasks. All of these efficiency gains ultimately contribute to cost savings. In addition, intelligent automation can be used to analyze data and consequently create even more productive processes. We have also experienced this in our customer projects, as the example of schwaben netz shows: With the help of automation, 87.5% of the meter readings have been handed over to digital assistants. Now that's a productivity boost!

      4. Satisfied customers

      If you need more reasons to be completely convinced by automation, then this argument should appeal to you: Your customers will be happier. Using automation solutions can save a considerable amount of time. In the example of schwaben netz, the processing time per process was reduced from 45 to one second! This, of course, pleases your employees, but also your customers. Because it increases the speed of order processing. Better and faster customer service also leads to better customer loyalty. 

      5. Strive for process excellence

      Your company should operate efficiently and productively, but process excellence is a never-ending process. Therefore, it's time to rethink your business processes. Now that you need to think not just for your ordinary employees, but also for your digital helpers and automated processes, a whole new set of opportunities arises to create value for your customers. And so the circle closes. Because for this new task of strategic process optimization, your employees now have time.




      These 5 benefits of intelligent automation make sense to you, but you're wondering what the practical implementation might look like?

      Then take a look at the success story of our customer schwaben netz. Alexander Bissinger, project sponsor and Division Manager Corporate Development and IT, was "more than satisfied with the result" and is certain that "this will not be the last RPA project at the company"

      Download Success Story here

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