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      Natuvion Shares Energy Insights into your Transition towards the Intelligent Enterprise

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      Optimize. Extend. Transform

      Natuvion Shares Energy Insights into your Transition towards the Intelligent Enterprise at the "International SAP Conference for Utilities and Oil & Gas"

      There are very few topics that are as present as the Intelligent Enterprise and how exactly customers plan to make their transition. Natuvion’s experiences encapsulate a full “All-field” approach on your journey towards Optimizing, Extending and Transforming your business processes and will be present as your main source on topics like Data Privacy, SAP S/4HANA Transformation and SAP Cloud for Energy.

      Optimize your data privacy programs

      Since last year, GDPR has taken a worrisome toll on companies and as an SAP Gold Partner with extensive knowledge in Data Privacy, Natuvion has gained insights into how companies are approaching their GDPR programs and to what extents customers have had to go to be acknowledged as GDPR compliant. We help utility and consumer products companies not only achieve data privacy compliance but turn data protection and data privacy into a business advantage. At the International SAP Conference for Utilities & Oil & Gas, Natuvion will share lessons learned and strategic advice about leading utilities companies at our booth. We will also show insights into a new SAP Cloud Platform App that will take you through the entire Data Subject Request for Information process and show you how to streamline the process of responding.

      Extend your SAP IS-U with SAP Cloud for Energy

      SAP’s new and consistent cloud strategy is one of the leading-edge utilities solution this year. The modules of the SAP Hybris Suite and the newly emerging SAP cloud applications will be able to map the entire value chain of SAP for Utilities on-premise solutions in the future. The ability to integrate both scenarios means that a wide variety of process models can be developed to meet customer requirements. At this event, Senior Principal Consultant, Florian Schluefter will show the latest innovations for SAP Cloud for Energy and reveal how you can best combine a stored time series in real-time based on meter or point of delivery allocation to identify new consumption patterns with the help of analytics. He will show valuable insights into the future of SAP Cloud for Energy and the development of new possibilities to offer new consumption-based products that include customer notifications and optimized energy procurement.

      Transform from the "old ERP world" to the "new SAP S/4HANA world"

      Each customer has their own reasons and technical approaches to make the switch from the "old ERP world" to the "new SAP S/4HANA world". However, one thing each customer has in common is to bring their existing system to SAP S/4HANA as unchanged as possible in order to ensure maintenance by SAP even after 2025. The other determination is the construction of a completely new SAP S/4HANA system, with the goal of adapting business processes to the new possibilities of SAP S/4 and to fundamentally streamline and standardize a customized process landscape so that the new innovations made available by SAP with S/4HANA can be used. The actual motive will be somewhere in the middle for most customers. As SAP Recognized Expertise in Landscape Transformation, our core strengths lie in the data transformation processes like SAP S/4HANA. We are unique and the only partner that meet regulatory compliance while reducing data privacy risks during a landscape transformation program and will also be sharing insights into our “All-field” approach at our booth.


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