Valuable tips for your migration to powercloud

      Valuable tips for your migration to powercloud

      Energy suppliers have been feeling increasing pressure for several years now. Changing business models, regulatory requirements and growing competition are risks – but opportunities as well. The key factors contributing to future business success include the digitalization of traditional meter-to-cash processes, modern digital architectures for customer service, and integrated service offerings such as e-mobility and solar power. The SaaS platform powercloud provides a service to energy suppliers that fulfills many of these new requirements.

      Leverage the vast experience of one of the most experienced utility migration experts

      Do you plan to migrate from Oracle to powercloud? In that case Natuvion is your ideal partner! Natuvion is one of the world's most experienced migration specialist in the energy industry. As a transformation partner of powercloud, we know the data structures of common billing solutions in detail. The transformation of Oracle data into a powercloud platform is part of a standard pathway and preconfigured in Natuvions DCS Migration Service.
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