The Cutover App from Natuvion


Standardization with full flexibility during cutover processes


Projects in the cutover phase, i.e. shortly before going live, are characterised by a tight time frame and an individual scope and procedure. On the one hand, many individual activities follow a recurring pattern, on the other hand, the number of these individual activities varies depending on the scope of the respective project and until the end, activities or project phases can change, e.g. due to unforeseen events.
Successful project implementation depends on all participants always having access to all relevant project data from anywhere. This can only be achieved with software that on the one hand can map customer-specific processes and thereby enable agile and sustainable process adjustments in real time flexibility. On the other hand, the application should be intuitive to use and based on a solid technological basis (standardization). With the cutover application Natuvion has developed a software that fulfils these criteria and optimally supports you in the implementation of your individual projects. SAP supports and certifies the application development process as part of the "Co-Innovated with SAP" program.

The advantages of the Cutover App:


  • Mobility: Access from anywhere → Mobile Devices
  • No version problems → Single Point of Truth (SPOT)
  • Status quo at any time visible for all project participants → Management Dashboard
  • Proactive support of the project manager and employee → Active notification and monitoring of planned time windows
  • Statistical evaluation after the optimization of the processes
  • Possibility for fast and uncomplicated modification of process sequences
  • Ability to be re-used


Why not combine the flexibility of e.g. Excel with the stability of a web-based multi-user application and combine the advantages of both worlds? This is exactly the goal of the Cutover App.


Find out more in the video: Manage your cutovers efficiently with Natuvion's Cutover App!

Flexible or standardized processes?


This question can be answered easily with Natuvion's Cutover App: Both!
The architecture illustration shows how the Cutover App uniquely unites seemingly contradictory requirements.



Version 1 of the Cutover App is currently under intensive testing. As part of the "Co-Innovated with SAP" project, the software undergoes an additional SAP certification process and will then be available via the SAP Cloud App Store, among other places. The Cutover App runs in the cloud foundry environment of the SAP Cloud Platform as "Software as a Service" (SaaS), but can also be used on-premise or on comparable infrastructures.


A further expansion of the collaboration possibilities is planned in the further versions. In addition, the automated project documentation is extended. The simulation of the process flow and the automated processing of backend functions (ABAP function modules) using corresponding service tasks are then also possible.

Core Functionalities:


  • Role concept: Every user sees thier personal relevant data.
  • Real-time data: The application provides all relevant data on planning status, linked processes, cutover progress, processing status, etc. at any time.
  • First-class user experience: Using the award-winning SAP UI5 technology in conjunction with the SAP Fiori UX design principles, a powerful and intuitive user interface in responsive design is available.
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability: The processes of the respective processes can be changed at any time. Processes can be stopped, changed and restarted. Process steps that have already been carried out can be skipped. Thus your agile project management is optimally supported.
  • Multi-channel notification: Notifications and automated reminders for project participants.


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